Risk Management in Healthcare: Case Study

I am a health care assistant going on duty at North Shore Hospital. It is one of the hospitals under the Waitemata District Health Board. It caters inpatient and outpatient care. It is also equipped to perform surgeries and emergency care.

Studying risk management is a very important key in being a manager. This would equip you with the vital skills and mind set to be sensitive to identify the different risks in the work place. You will be able to act quickly and find a solution if ever a problem is faced. All of your clients or patients are your responsibility. Their care is in your hands.

Purpose of Risk Management

Working at North Shore Hospital is a very eye-opening experience. The hospital caters to everyone and attends to any type of illness. With the vast patients that they are attending, risk is always present. An accident or wrong practice always lurks the corner. I can see that the purpose of risk management is to prevent and control the different risks being faced on a day-to-day basis. Without risk management, there will be chaos in the organisation and this will hinder the staff to do their work. Proper risk management is implemented so that the organisation itself can do their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Risk Management

There are different things that North Shore Hospital is benefiting from their effective risk management. First is a good reputation. They have a good reputation of being one of the best public hospitals under the Waitemata District Health Board. This was achieved through proper planning and execution of their risk management protocols. Another benefit is maximizing the time and skills of the staff. Whenever there is a risk encountered, the staffs already know the steps on how to handle and solve the problem. Another is conserving and saving money. If the risk is attended to or moreover prevented from happening, this would lessen the downtime and resources to be used to control the problem. That is why risk management is truly beneficial at North Shore Hospital.

The Different Components of Risk Management

Activities and Internal Environment

The working culture at North Shore Hospital is a very positive one. Each unit exhibits team work to get the job done. All of the healthcare staff works hand-in-hand to provide the best quality healthcare. The managers make sure that a safe and healthy working environment is maintained. Any misunderstanding should be sorted out immediately. It is the responsibility of the managers to take care of their employees. On the other hand, the employees are responsible for their patients. The nurses and healthcare assistants are the first line of the organisation to take care of the clients. They use both modern technology and trusty hand-written documents to store patient’s information. Computers are mainly used to guide the healthcare providers regarding the medication schedule and as a communication tool. This will lessen the occurrence of medication errors. They use the traditiona