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Nursing personal statements

You are required to write a nursing personal statement while applying for any nursing course. Writing a nursing personal statement is challenging since never written a similar document before. It also requires a lot of time and effort. A good personal statement should describe who you are, what motivates you, and why you should be admitted into your dream nursing school.

The personal statement acts as a platform to demonstrate what you know about nursing, and the health care industry in accordance with your level of education. The personal statement should also include your relevant experiences and skills and your ambitions and career goals in nursing.

Below are some of the things you should put into consideration when creating your nursing personal statement.

Who are you?

View your personal statement as a chance to describe yourself to the person who is selecting students for admission into nursing school. Tell him what you know about nursing in general, why you are interested in nursing and why you think you can become a good nurse.

What skills and experiences do you have?

You definitely have some relevant skills and experiences that can boost your application. Some important skills that are considered for nursing include; excellent Communication Skills, dedication and hard work, good organization skills, advocacy skills and team player skills.

What are your future goals?

This will be an added advantage. Show the admission committee that you really want to pursue your nursing career beyond the course you are applying for.

Before you begin your personal statement also ensure that you are familiar with the format the specific institution you are making the application uses. Is there a word limit? Do they require any referees? These are some things you should be familiar with.

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