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Writing a good essay is a daunting task to many nursing students. However, it is an important academic requirement since it equips you with necessary research skills as you gather content for your essay and enables you to demonstrate what you have learned to your course instructor.

Below are some important steps that can guide you to creating a grade A nursing essay.

Make sure you understand the topic (question) of your essay.

Don’t just begin writing your essay. Look at the topic severally and make sure that you comprehend. Try to internalize that topic before you begin the essay.  Many times students fail because they did not provide what the question was asking.  For example if you have been to compare Stevens–Johnson syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) then you are expected to talk about the similarities and differences between these two syndromes.

Do thorough research.

You essay is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge regarding a particular topic to your instructor. So ensure you gather as much information as possible before you commence writing. This is done by extensive research from various sources including relevant books, journals and other articles. Databases like PubMed and Google scholar can provide relevant journals at undergraduate and higher level

Create an outline for your essay

Since you now have relevant content to include in your essay, the third step is creating an outline. An essay should have an introduction, the body and conclusion. Now, decide what to include in each part of your essay.

Create several  drafts of your essay

Creating several drafts before the final copy is important since it eliminates any present mistakes and provides a better flow from one idea to another making your work thorough.

 Create the final copy

After all the hard work you will know creates that perfect final copy that you can call the masterpiece.

If you followed all this step, then your essay will guarantee you grade A

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