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A nursing dissertation can be defined as the report of a process, or may also be described as a long essay. Many student nurses often feel overwhelmed when it comes to writing a dissertation and are uncertain on how to approach it. Few nursing students are fully confident of their nursing dissertation writing skills, how to manage the supervisory relationship or to highlight the essentials of the topic they wish to examine. An undergraduate dissertation will typically be based on a critique of a small selection of evidence and be applied to one focused aspect of the student’s practice.

When are you required to write it?

Nursing students are required to write a dissertation to demonstrate their ability to focus on a subject, examine it in detail through systematic inquiry and identify relevant theories. The students are required to show their capability of presenting their work in an orderly, academic form, clearly revealing a working knowledge of their chosen subject. Development of various levels of critical insight, depending on the level of degree for which the dissertation is to be submitted, is equally important.



Nursing dissertation features an introduction which highlights the basic information about the dissertation and the objectives aims and for the work. The introduction tells the reader what the work is about, and why you are doing it.


Literature review

The literature review, also called literature search or literature inquiry is very crucial. What you have read in your research must be current and relevant, and you need to show that you have examined and understood it critically.  The literature review should contain lots of references.


The methodology – also known as design or approach- highlights how you are going to explore your topic. Your research method may feature a quantitative approach which could be a survey, or a qualitative approach, or perhaps eclectic.


Here you describe or disclose the findings from your nursing dissertation research and what you think may need to be examined further and give reasons. Results may feature complex statistical analysis, tables or creation of graphs to display our data.

Discussion and Conclusion

The discussion gives you a chance to earn marks by explaining the findings of your study. Start your review by stating your results and explore whether these results agree with or differ from the literature. The discussion will likely be longer than most other sections. The conclusion, on the other hand, needs to be brief, drawing everything together and include suggestions of what needs to happen next and why.


Your research should include a carefully compiled list of literature that you have cited in your dissertation. References are very critical in assuring the authenticity of your work and for copyright purposes. Referencing method depends on your institution’s guidelines.


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