Nursing case study

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Nursing case study

Writing a nursing case study entails an in depth analysis of a clinical situation, as a way to illustrate content and theory learn in nursing school to a real life situation. Case studies allow nursing students to acquire cognitive reasoning, critical thinking, and decision making skills.

You can write a case study based on different areas of nursing. However, the format of a nursing case study is the same and includes; topic selection, formulation of objectives or desired outcomes in the planning phase, developing an introduction that will set the stage for the case study scenario, additional history and background and the course of care including planning, treatment and lastly evaluation.

Choosing the topic

At times your instructor can give you the topic for your case study. The topic should reflect evidence based nursing care you offered to a patient.

Planning phase

Planning entails preparing the objectives for your case study. Objectives are important since they show what you expect to achieve at the end of your case study. Objectives are also known as the desired outcomes

The Introduction to your case study

These are the first paragraphs of your case study. The introduction should set the stage for the case scenario describing how you came into contact with this specific patient, history of presenting illness, patient diagnosis and demographic data.

Additional History/Background

Here you should include the medical and surgical history, family and social history, physical examination findings during patient assessment, and laboratory and diagnostic results.

All these should be written under smaller subheadings.

The course of care including planning, treatment, and evaluation

Give a detailed description of the nursing and medical management of the patient and the evaluation performed.


Provide a reference list according to the specific referencing format given.

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